Matthew Antolick

Matthew Antolick

MA, MAC, IMH#15052

Be curious. Think and love deeply. Your relationships will abound. This is Matthew’s mission statement. Abound, his relational coaching practice, is the embodiment of that mission.

Matthew grew up in Lakeland before earning his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Philosophy. He then moved to Orlando, working as a professional musician, eventually becoming a band leader at Disney’s EPCOT.

Here, Matthew realized his love for walking people through relational tensions. His group at EPCOT was comprised of many different cultures, religions, and artistic perspectives which often sparked off into big conflicts. While most people want to avoid the interpersonal struggles of other people, Matthew enjoyed entering in and helping people resolve them just as much as playing his instrument on stage.

Matthew eventually left his job of 11 years to earn a Master’s Degree in Counseling from Covenant Theological Seminary in Saint Louis, MO. He then moved back to Lakeland, FL to care for his parents and work on establishing Abound, a unique blend of counseling approaches, applied philosophy, creative communication, coaching and consultation.

About Abound Relational Coaching

Abound exists to walk with clients through any form of relational tension, trouble, or struggle.

Each story is unique. Abound exists to engage clients with their stories and the stories of others in a deep and meaningful way. Matthew works with individuals, couples , families, groups, and organizations.

Abound believes that deep understanding of stories and root personal issues leads to communication that works and relationships that flourish.

And flourishing relationships not only enable marriages and relationships to thrive, but also for collaboration, productivity and deep creativity among teams, groups, and organizations.

Be curious. Think and love deeply. Your relationships will ABOUND.