ABOUND provides coaching, mediation and consultation services, specifically in the context of relational well-being.

Relational struggle can happen to anyone. Sometimes our current struggles with others are rooted in struggles that happened before we even met the person we are with.

ABOUND believes that relationship is a skill that can be coached and improved.

We work with clients to identify the source(s) and cause(s) by applying the best insights and strategies of counseling, coaching and philosophy to your story, past and present.

We often feel stressed without knowing why. ABOUND believes that stress and trouble can be named. And, by naming the issues, we are able to understand them. Understanding opens up the possibility of living and relating differently, more openly, and with greater wisdom.

ABOUND offers personal coaching, mediation services, consultation services, and teaching. Each service is tailored specifically to your story and situation.

Pricing of services is based on a variety of factors and considerations. ABOUND works to custom tailor any quote to your unique situation. Consultations (up to 30 minutes) are free. Questions? Please ask!

The name ‘ABOUND’ was chosen deliberately on the basis of two fundamental insights:

We Are Always-Already in Relationship

With God (whether you believe in a God or not), with ourselves, with one another, and with our surroundings (culture, story, society, the earth). By deepening your understanding of all these relationships, you flourish. There is a Bible passage that expresses a hope “that your love would abound with knowledge and depth of insight.” (Philippians 1:9) That is our hope at ABOUND.

We Were Born to Flourish

Floruishing happens in relationship, even in nature. Look at the way trees make oxygen by taking in carbon dioxide, so we can breathe (in with oxygen, out with carbon dioxide). Look at the way we both need the sun to survive. All things are in relationship, and we all long for peace, balance, and expression. ABOUND dervies its name from a fundamental hope that we can walk alongside you and help you flourish – in your relationship(s), in your organization, in your community.

In summary, the goal of ABOUND is that you would become the person you were made to be – a person who loves and understands both yourself and others deeply.

That you would flourish in your relationships. That you would be able to experience peace and joy. That you would be effective at whatever you are called to do or talented at. That relational stress or tension would no longer hold you back from your dreams and hopes. That you would ABOUND.